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Research Assistant Post in Glasgow

To contribute to the project “Two-layer thermo-compositional dynamo models of the geomagnetic field” working with Dr Radostin Simitev.


Deadline for application: 5 Nov 2017.


For further details and an application pack, please visit:



with Reference Number 019095


or the direct link:



Best regards,


Dr Radostin D Simitev

School of Mathematics & Statistics

University of Glasgow


PhD Internship Programme at McLaren, UK

PhD Internship Programme

Location: Woking, GB

At McLaren Racing we pride ourselves in engineering excellence and we achieve this by working
together and encouraging innovation in an extraordinary high performance environment.
The McLaren PhD internship programme in CFD and data analytics gives you an opportunity to work in a
unique & challenging environment of the motorsport aerodynamics department. As an intern in the
CFD methodology team, you will be involved in development/evaluation of CFD, big data analytics,
machine learning and neural networks techniques and tools to be used in the aerodynamic design
of the F1™ car.
Interns will also have an opportunity to work on projects providing CFD support to non-aero departments.
Working closely with the aerodynamicists, CFD R&D engineers and HPC systems engineers, you will have
an opportunity to learn practical aspects of motorsport aerodynamic design.
The internship is open to PhD students in engineering or computing science from the second year onwards
and this four month programme starts in January, May and September.

Hydromag Newsletter #3.1 Special Issue, 2017

Special Issue August, 2017

Content provided by our colleagues at HZDR, Dresden, Germany


  1. LIMTECH Award Winner 2017
  2. Final LIMTECH Colloquium and International Symposium on Liquid Metal Technologies
  3. PhD position available at HZDR


  1. LIMTECH Award Winner 2017
    The International LIMTECH Young Scientist Award 2017 for outstanding scientific contributions in the field of liquid metal technologies was awarded to

Dr. Karspars Dadzis (IKZ Berlin).

The award is funded by the Helmholtz association of German research centres and will be handed over at the Final LIMTECH Colloquium in Dresden (see below).

More details on the award can be found at: https://www.hzdr.de/db/Cms?pNid=3650



  1. Final LIMTECH Colloquium and International Symposium on Liquid Metal Technologies
    At the end of its the 5-year funding period, the HELMHOLTZ alliance LIMTECH will hold its Final Colloquium and International Symposium on Liquid Metal Technologies in Dresden on Sept. 19-20, 2017.

The agenda of the meeting and further information on the LIMTECH alliance can be found here:



Anybody interested in attending the meeting is highly welcome, but is requested to register in advance. Despite the schedule of oral presentations is already fixed, additional poster presentations are welcome! Please register participation and posters by email to Gerd Mutschke <g.mutschke(at)hzdr.de> before September 1, 2017.


  1. PhD Position available at HZDR on:Experimental investigation of turbulent convection in liquid metals

Many turbulent flows in nature and technical applications are driven by temperature differences. The aim of this project is to investigate such a turbulent convection in a laboratory set-up using liquid metal. The goal is to reveal the structure and the dynamics of the large scale circulation as well as the dynamics near the boundary layers. Therefore, different measuring techniques as the ultrasound Doppler velocimetry and the contactless inductive flow tomography are available. The experiments are supported by high performance numerical simulations from a project partner. The combined investigation will create a new milestone in the deep understanding of turbulent convection in liquid metals and their numerous applications in geo- and astrophysics as well as technical systems.


  • Diploma or M.Sc in Physics, mechanical engineering or equivalent.
  • Comprehensive technical skills and physical understanding.


  • design of a cylindrical Rayleigh-Bénard convection cell -simultaneous measurements of velocity field, temperature field  and heat flux inside the convection
  • analysis of the three-dimensional structure and the dynamics of the  “large scale circulation”
  • comparison of the results to direct numerical simulations done by a  project partner
  • scientific publishing


The position is available from Oct. 1, 2017. For further information, please contact Tobias Vogt (t.vogt(at)hzdr.de) or Sven Eckert (s.eckert(at)hzdr.de)





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